A Huntress in Heels selected as a Semi-Finalist in the Extreme Huntress Competition!

Wow! I can’t believe it! But, I am so excited to tell everyone that I have been selected as a Semi-Finalist for this years Extreme Huntress competition!

If you’re not familiar with Extreme Huntress, check out their website at www.extremehuntress.com.

In a nutshell, Extreme Huntress is an annual competition that is now in its 8th year that airs online (videos are embedded in the Extreme Huntress website).

Each year would be contestants submit applications that are reviewed by a panel of hunting celebrity judges. This year the judges selected a group of 14 semi-finalists from the pool of applicants.

Starting NOW online voting begins (please vote!). There will be 6 competition finalists selected. Finalists will be determined by a combined 30% online votes and 70% judges scores.

Finalists will compete head to head in a series of skills competitions at the YO Ranch in Mountain Home, Texas in July.

The Extreme Huntress competition is about preserving our outdoors heritage, and its goal is to create positive role models for women that want to participate in hunting. These are things I am super passionate about, and would really like to be a part of. It is exactly what Huntress in Heels is all about.


PLEASE check out the Extreme Huntress website, plan on taking time later this year to watch the competition online, and PLEASE consider giving me a vote today. I need your help! It would be really appreciated!


Once you have voted you will be sent an email and asked to confirm your vote. Please do that as well. Also, please feel free to share this with all of your friends and family and help me get the word out if you would. I appreciate it!




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