An Argument with an Anti

    I recently had someone tell me that they couldn’t understand hunters or hunting. A vegan, the core of this person’s anti-hunting position was the belief that the life of an animal is just as precious as human life, and a lack of understanding how I could feel differently about that than he did. Read More


Tenzing TC1260

Obviously when it comes to hunting packs there is no single solution that covers every situation. What is needed to support a quick day hunt out of a tree stand is typically very different than what a hunter might require if he is planning on spending a week in a spike camp in the Yukon. Read More


Muzzle Force One – MF1

Muzzle Force One makes some pretty lofty claims about their MF1 rifle strap. Described on their website as “a compression device which is a significant innovation in the firearms industry; providing safety, control, accuracy, and a tremendous amount of torque to the shoulder without involving either the fore hand or the rear hand,” I was Read More


Venison and Stuffing Bake

This great recipe contributed by:    For more awesome venison cooking tips and information check out their website at   Ingredients: 1 lb. of venison, ground 1 large onion, diced 1/4 tsp. salt 1/4 tsp. ground black pepper 6 oz. of Kraft Stove Top Turkey Stuffing, unprepared 10.5 oz. of Campbell’s cream of chicken Read More


Hunting vs. Harvesting

Hunting and harvesting – are they the same thing? Two sides of the same coin? Does anyone really care? I do, and I think everyone else should too. I know a lot of people don’t share my opinion, and even among hard core, lifelong hunters, many believe the differences are not much more than subtle, Read More



Materialism (noun): A tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values. While on a cross country flight recently, I picked up a copy of the airline provided inflight magazine and began thumbing through the pages intent on trying to find a Sudoku puzzle still incomplete or just looking at the Read More