DSC Wrap Up

What a great week! So much fun, and so much to say. Honestly, way too much to put into words and not drag on forever though, so I’ll let the photographs do most of the talking, and just provide a couple of short notes to help describe the experience.

To say the annual Dallas Safari Club convention is Disney Land for a Huntress in Heels would be the understatement of the century. Attending is better than being provided a personal tour of Cinderella’s castle by the princess herself. It’s got everything! For the Huntress in me, the best domestic and international hunting and fishing outfitters in the world are all represented. Every major manufacturer and distributor of gear and apparel is there showing their newest designs and releases, and every hunting and outdoors celebrity and writer is walking the floor, shaking hands, taking pictures, and making their rounds. It’s exactly what you would expect at a large scale hunting expo.

Unlike other expos though, DSC also caters to those that prefer bling over things that go boom. The Heels side of me was enamored by all of the vendors and exhibitors selling beautiful home decor, artwork, one of a kind, original home furnishings, wonderful clothing, and by the hunting themed jewelry vendors and silversmiths showing off their most intricate, hand crafted pieces. Something sparkles on every aisle.

We all know DSC couldn’t compete with Cinderella without a ball though. So, they do that too!

DSC brings evening events in spades. Every night of the convention there is a great banquet and an awards ceremony where people are honored for their contributions and accomplishments in wildlife conservation and hunting, and the Saturday night black tie dinner competes with glass slippers and pumpkin carriages at every level. This year’s final banquet was a particularly incredible, and memorable event, with possibly the best talk I’ve ever heard on current conservation issues delivered by Shane Mahoney, the President of Conservation Visions, Inc.

If you haven’t attended a DSC convention before, you should really think about swinging through Dallas next year and seeing what you think. Only 360 days left until the next one starts. I’m already counting down the days!


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