My family and I moved to Dallas last year.  I was given an exciting job opportunity that placed me right in the heart of downtown working in the hospitality industry. We thought it was a great time to set out on a new adventure, and while we didn’t know a whole lot about Dallas before we moved, we knew it was big, busy, and full of incredibly friendly people.

We bought a house out in the suburbs, and spent the first month or so settling in and just trying to figure out how to get around. One of the first things we did for entertainment after arriving was attend the 2016 Dallas Safari Club convention. Despite being hunters and avid outdoorsmen our entire lives, we had never heard of the Dallas Safari Club prior to moving to the area, and really didn’t know what to expect.

To put it plainly, we were blown away. I walked into the Dallas Convention Center expecting to maybe see a couple hundred booths, and thought there might be a few thousand people present. How many people in the local area can there really be that are interested in safaris, right? Instead what we found was the entire convention hall filled with booths and exhibitors from all over the globe and a convention that attracts more than 40,000 people each year. Simply amazing!

We’ve been to other major conventions like the annual NRA convention and several large scale industry conventions, but this was something entirely different. Exhibitors and attendees alike were overwhelmingly excited, and incredibly friendly. DSC Volunteers went out of their way at every turn, from the moment we got in line to purchase tickets to the minute we left the convention hall, to speak to us, welcome us, tell us about the organization, and offer assistance anytime that we needed it. It was cold outside, the weather was dreary, parking was impossible, and everyone was so incredibly HAPPY despite all of that. There was a clear common bond among thousands of people that didn’t even know each other and a warmth among the crowd that made the freezing temperatures outside disappear.

Right away we knew this was something we wanted to get involved in. We became DSC members that day.

Since the 2016 convention, we have attended probably a dozen or more local DSC events ranging from monthly meetings to din
ner parties to education and learning sessions on things like reloading, wildlife conservation, and hunter advocacy.  DSC, along with our church, has become the cornerstone of our social network and the foundation for where we have found like-minded people that we enjoy spending time with and being around. If you’re not familiar with DSC, you should take a look at their website (www.biggame.org) and read about all of the incredible things this organization does to advance conservation, education, and to protect hunters rights.

The 2017 convention is right around the corner. This year I won’t just be attending. I’ll be volunteering in one capacity or another every day of the convention. I’ll also be attending several evening banquets, and plan on walking every inch of the floor and meeting as many exhibitors and participants as possible.

I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures, go out of my way to meet some hunting and outdoors celebrities, and share the DSC convention experience with you the best I can. Expect to see several posts over the next week or so on our social media sites
. Please share your thoughts.

If you’re going to be attending DSC this year, look for me, and introduce yourself if you get the chance. I’d love to meet all of you Huntresses out there!

– Huntress in Heels

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