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Muzzle Force One makes some pretty lofty claims about their MF1 rifle strap. Described on their website as “a compression device which is a significant innovation in the firearms industry; providing safety, control, accuracy, and a tremendous amount of torque to the shoulder without involving either the fore hand or the rear hand,” I was immediately curious when I first learned about this product. I don’t do a lot of offhand shooting, and rarely take shots with my hunting rifles past maybe 30 or 40 yards without either an improvised rest of some sort or a set of shooting sticks. Safety, control, and accuracy are at the top of my list when it comes to shooting game in the field, and I want to be absolutely certain every time I pull the trigger that I have taken a good, ethical, shot with the lowest probability of error possible.

I had a safari in South Africa planned just a few weeks after my Rugged Timber and Amish Leather MF1’s arrived in the mail. Not having enough time to get to the range before my trip, I decided to just pack the MF1’s in my bags, play with them a bit after I got settled in country, and if I thought they would be of any benefit, I’d try to use them on a live hunt.

First impressions were positive. Both of the products are well stitched, made of quality materials, and visually appealing. While I really like the Rugged Timber MF1, the Amish Leather version quickly became my favorite. The leather used is extremely soft and supple and feels like a fine pair of gloves against the hand and wrist when used. The strap is easy to install and is done by simply threading the tongue of the leather through the sling swivel and attaching it with the MF1’s sturdy, well made metal attachment pin.

After hunting the first couple of days without the MF1, I thought it was time to give it a try and see how much of a difference I thought it made, giving it a side by side comparison with the previous few days of hunting. All I can say is WOW! While I expected to see at least some improvement in the stability of my shots after doing some dry fire practice, I didn’t expect the strap to make nearly as much of a difference as it did in live use. The MF1 is a simple, and fundamentally basic device, but made a huge impact on my ability to firmly pull the rifle into my shoulder and improve both my comfort and the accuracy of my shots. The MF1 worked great in all situations I tested it in, whether shooting offhand, on sticks, or a padded rest, and I managed to take some great African plains game while using it including kudu, gemsbok, and a wonderful blue wildebeest that was harvested the last day of my trip.

After returning home a range day was finally arranged and I was able to put the Rugged Timber MF1 to the test shooting both supported and unsupported at paper at 100 yards. Groups were noticeably tighter and the rifle was much more comfortable to shoot overall when using the MF1 as opposed to the shots taken without it.

The bottom line is this. The MF1 is a really neat, innovative product, that is easy to use, well made, and is available at a reasonable price. The Amish Leather MF1 will be staying on my primary deer rifle and will hopefully get a good bit of use this next season. I am pretty sure Dave is planning on stealing the Rugged Timber MF1, putting it on his .308 and taking it to the deer woods as well.

For more information check out the Muzzle Force One website at If you like what you see and want to give one a try, use the HUNTRESS10 discount code to get 10% off your purchase price. I don’t receive any form of payment from Muzzle Force One for sharing the discount code. I am simply sold on their product and hope to help a few of you guys out a little bit if you decide you’d like to pick one up.

– Huntress in Heels

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