Warriors Never Give Up

I’m one of those people that holds a very strong passion for just a handful of things in life. What I care about, I care deeply for. Most everything else I tend to simply let others focus on. I take a bit of a laissez-faire approach and just let things take their own course. A couple of the things I am most passionate about include hunting (obviously), my walk with God, and veterans.

My husband Dave is a veteran. He spent more than a decade serving in the military, and then spent another decade working in law enforcement. Most of his friends and the majority of the people he works with now in his “civilian” career are veterans as well. By virtue of that I’ve come to know and become friends with a large number of veterans myself, and have a huge amount of respect for the sacrifices that veterans make and the price they are willing to pay so that we can live freely in this wonderful nation of ours.

My love for hunting is kind of obvious. If you’ve surfed into this blog or follow me on any of my social media feeds you know what a huge role hunting plays in my life and why it is so important to me. I probably don’t need to say much more here.

And while I don’t make a lot of references or overt statements about my faith on the web, I don’t mind stating it here and now that I am in fact a believer and that I try very hard to let Christ guide me in all my decisions, and that the paths I try to follow I believe are fully His.

So, with all of that said, when I became aware of a really cool volunteer based non-profit organization that touches on all three of these things, you can understand why I immediately wanted to share it with you guys.

Warriors Never Give Up (https://warriorsnevergiveup.org/) offers outdoor adventures for combat, deployed, or service connected disabled veterans. They make it very clear that they are God inspired and that their mission is faith based. They conduct several hunts and outdoor events each year and seek to give back to our heroes that were injured while serving our country by facilitating healing, fraternity, family, and faith. I think they are an incredible organization. If you have interest in any of this at all, you should check out their website and try to learn more. Their page is robust and offers a ton of information about what they have going on, who they are serving, and how to get involved.

One of the programs that I found most intriguing and am super happy to participate in is their “Warrior Arrow.” For a very small donation, Warriors Never Give Up will send you a custom arrow. Your donation helps support WNGU. The intent is for the hunter to carry the Warriors Arrow in their quiver as a reminder of the blood shed by the men and women that have fought for our freedom and to remind the hunter of the ultimate warrior, Jesus Christ, and His ultimate sacrifice for our salvation.

I’ve already put my Warriors Arrow in my quiver. Every time I see it when I am practicing with my bow, and later this year when I am out on a hunt, I hope that it will make me think and reflect for just a moment on how fortunate I am to be able to live the life that I have been provided, who originally secured that life for me, and the brave men and women that continue to sacrifice to ensure the next generation has the same opportunities and freedoms that I have been given.

All of this, and the arrow actually looks really cool too!

WNGU did a great job with the custom wrap, red, white, and blue fletchings, and some other neat little custom touches that give the arrow a great patriotic appearance. I think anyone would be proud to own one. https://warriorsnevergiveup.org/war-arrow

Anyway, I just thought I would share something I found that I believe is a wonderful concept that is being provided by an organization that I think is doing some amazing stuff in support of our nations finest. I hope you’ll click one of the links above, spend a couple of minutes learning a bit more about Warriors Never Give Up, and consider sending them a few bucks that will help them continue their very important mission. I’m happy that I did. I think you might be too.

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